Wednesday, June 4, 2008


hey all, its me faisal/dewataraya/imadori/calvin/what else? haha. ok, this time i wan 2 share with u about my trip to langkawi, a part of 99 islands in malaysia. sound weird why it only have 99 islands. actually its hundred including langkawi, i guess la. ok, as u noe, langkawi its DUTY-FREE islands. so, what do u all expect if u pay a visit at this little island? its SHOPPING TIME like ERI-CHAN like to do(don mad at me).haha, this shoping adrenaline cant stop me neither. haha. well, im not buying much but i borong CHOCOLATE at there. as a part of chocoholics, im not forgot the part of me in this team. so, i bought many choclate from there, seem its DUTY-FREE, QUITE CHEAP, and MANY VARIETIES. haha. so, i bought chocalate like CADBURY, TOBLERONE, MARS(MY FAVOURITE), HERSHEYS, BOUNTY, KIT-KAT, and lot of it. ahh...well, i guess i show u the pic i took. if u wan to noe my trip to langkawi, just drop to my blog k? ok, bye, love u all especially....hehe..okla..okla. ciao2..jiayou..

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